From b⋆tch-fit 😫 togot this”🔥

The one on handling the part of you that triggers your ego into action every damn time!

From b⋆tch-fit 😫 togot this”🔥

The one on handling the part of you that triggers your ego into action every damn time!

This summer I made a descision to radically change my life forever.

I set the wheels in motion in and things have been moving FAST. Like way faster than I expected. Which is a good thing. But it means the cash flow outgoings have been INTENSE, and my fears have been coming up thick and fast for me to clear and release in order to move into this radical revolution of Jackson family life.

Just over a year ago, I told a client that what I’m doing right now would be “impossible”. To quote myself, “oh I’d love to but I don’t think it’s possible because of XYZ” 

I inserted a ton of limitings beliefs and fabricated illusions that I had convinced myself were my actual reality.

LOL. And also I am still human so I give old-me grace. There are things me-a-year-from-now will LOL at how I’m conducting myself today.

Fast forward from that moment last year, not only am I pulling off the impossible in a way that makes even my mother go “OMG you’re really doing it, and so soon!” (and she’s seen me pull off impossible manifestations my whole life), I’m doing it with very clear knowledge of what I had to decondition to get out of my own damn way so that I COULD do it.

In a word:
I de-Tinkerbell’d. 

Tinkerbell is the name I use for the archetype we all have inside of us.

It’s the little girl inside who never grew up, and triggers our ego into reacting, huffing, puffing, exerting boundaries on others, getting cross, getting frustrated, playing small, lying to ourselves, creating fabricated “make believe” stories just to convince ourselves that we’re safe, and that we really are “grown women now, and this is just reality”.

I work with multi-7 figure entrepreneurs who STILL have a Tinkerbell.
In fact, I’m yet to coach a client who DOESN’T have a Tinkerbell.

She’s not what you think she is. She’s one of the most deceptive and cunning parts of us, because TO us, she sounds like a grown ass woman who knows her own mind 

 … but to everyone else, she sounds like a BRAT. Or… just a scared little girl.

She’s insecure.

She’s terrified.

She’s a control freak.

She’s desperate to be a proper grown up

So she creates proper grown up problems like “money anxiety” (because she watched her mum do it)

She’s dying to be liked, and validated, and needed

So she spends money recklessly without thinking about the consequences, and then avoids all opportunity to spend money wisely where it would actually generate a return on investment. She does this so she can maintain the role she’s been playing her whole life. As a “grown up”, in the safe zone of “grown up problems” and “grown up responsibilities”.

She’s lacking in self belief and sovereignty

So she projects her need for safety on to money, expecting money to create realities for her that will magically repair all her wounds. Of course when it doesn’t work, she rejects money, money rejects her… and back she goes into her “well that’s just life and adulting sucks sometimes” narratives.

“I’m a grown up and these are my grown up problems and grown up responsibilities that I have created because I’ve been desperate to be a grown up my whole life and this is how I saw the other grown ups do it” 

But really… you’re still shuffling round the house in your mums slippers and pearls, cooking with your wooden bowls and toy fruits 🍒🧸😅

There’s a part of every single one of us who NEVER grew up. And if she comes to play when we’re handling money, talking cash flow, and making money decisions, we’re f*cked.

The hardest part of being able to pinpoint when you’re “Tinkerbelling” and then “de-Tinkerbelling” yourself, is ADMITTING you have a Tinkerbell in the first place.

The Tinkerbell Masterclass is one of the most EXTRAORDINARY containers I’ve ever held.

The hardest part is getting you to admit you need to listen to this conversation. Everyone who declares she doesn’t need it, is doing so from her Tinkerbell. Sorry. “Oh that’s interesting, I can see how others would need that, but I’ve definitely done all my inner child work and I never have charged emotional responses to anything. I’m cool as a cucumber about everything 24.7”. Ahem. Cough. Tinkerbell. Cough.

The next part is getting you to actually listen once you’re in.

AND then… listening in a way where it lands and you can implement the “fixes” and start the deconditioning.


and yet it’ll change how you show up to life, business, money, and even relationships, FOREVER.



🧚🏻‍♀️ Instant access to 10 audio trainigs inside a private Telegram group.

🧚🏻‍♀️ You will be able to catch up with all the Tinkerbell chitchat in the group so far!

🧚🏻‍♀️ Lifetime access!

🧚🏻‍♀️ Audio’s 1-8 help you dramatically with your trapped inner child, but also energy bodies, 2, 3, 4 and 6. If you’ve been paying attention to my numerology content recently, you’ll know this is something we all need to work on.

🧚🏻‍♀️ Audio’s 9 and 10 are a brand new addition to the Tinkerbell Masterclass. They focus on our money patterns, behaviours, narratives + entrapment as a result of our Tinkerbell. And of course… how to DE-Tinkerbell them!

This next year is going to be the greatest up level of my life to date. I can’t wait to share the journey with you!

And yes, the initial outlay for this transformation is HUGE… but the return is something that will pay dividends for the REST OF MY LIFE.

How about that for a non-Tinkerbell approach to investing big scary sums of money? 

Like I said, last year my Tinkerbell told me THIS was impossible. This year… nothing can stop me!

De-Tinkerbelling myself was one of the greatest gifts of self-love and self-honouring I ever gave myself.




💙 F.E.M.M.E 💙




💙 F.E.M.M.E 💙

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